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Apologizes for not posting within the final days of HvZ in Geneseo, we were all bum-slaughtered in our final mission (lasting a grand total of 15 minutes).

I will now continue my regular (and by regular, I mean rare and spontaneous) posting on my actual blog ( Thank you for those who have enjoyed my postings as a human in a zombie apocalypse.

Human Survivor turned Zombie turned Student (I guess there isn’t much of a difference between the latter two, except one feeds of of brains and one feeds off of coffee/alcohol).



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Today, several survivors and I attempted to save two VIPs who were meant to be developing a cure for the infection. All did not go as plan, as we were ambushed by several assassins. No survivors were turned, but we failed in our mission, thus eradicating what little hope we had for a cure.

The zombie numbers have now outnumbered us humans. Only five days, and more than half of us in this remote village are gone. Staying ever vigilant is a MUST as more and more living quarters are being surrounded and infested with these vermin zombies. Not only are they traveling in packs, but they are quickly acquiring the skill to pick at the humans until we are all dead. Our only hope is to starve them off, one grungy undead at a time. Today, I had the great fortune of seeing several of those dead zombies.

Even after seeing my friends turn, one at a time, I still have hope that the human race will SOMEHOW survive. We are better than this. We can survive this infection.

Tomorrow, the remaining survivors (what little there is left of us) will attempt another mission. Wish us luck.

Survivor (if only just barely)

Coming home

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4 days since the infection was released, and news from home has alerted me to the increasing spread of this infection. Although still (luckily) isolated to the village of Geneseo, the numbers have reached to where there is almost one human to one zombie.

Most of my friends were infected in the weekend slaughter fest in an attempt to escort two VIPs to two secure locations. Although successful, there were many lost lives, including some of my close friends.

HUMANS. We must stay ever vigilant in our attempt to eradicate the zombie population. Stave them off, slow but sure. Take smart routes. Stay indoors. I want to see DEAD and FATIGUED zombie bodies when I get home.

Thankfully, I come back with plenty of supplies, including food* and bullets. I feel almost replenished and rejuvenated, and I’d be excited to come back were it not for the carnage of rotting undead I expect to see.

Stay safe. Stay human.


*[[And by food, I mean literal overloads of pocky. Overloads as in, FAR TOO MUCH POCKY FOR ONE POOR SOUL TO EAT]]

[[PS: Also, I brought my super awesome jacket so I can almost look like Zoey from L4D]]

News from the home base

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Things look clear in New York City, which is as good a time as any to restock up for the survivors back at home in Geneseo. Knowing that there are still plenty of uninfected areas is relieving, as the issue seems to be contained in Geneseo area.

Despite the good news, I have also been hearing reports of many humans getting caught today. The numbers of zombie reports have increased dramatically, and it seems as if none of these disgusting undeads have been taken care of. Actually, it seems as if more and more of them have been dwindling our surviving unit. This morning, I received news of a close friend who was turned at 9:00 today.

We cannot let this keep progressing. The virus is deadly and MUST BE STOPPED before it infects the entire world.


External Travels

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Although it was tough, I was somehow capable of manuvering myself out of Geneseo to Rochester so I could bring back news of the outside world to the zombie infested village. I am now en route to NYC, where I will hopefully be able to gather some news about the rest of the state. Fingers crossed that the infection has not reached so far quite yet (but I’m not optimistic).

While I was preparing for this trip, I had the great fortune to meet a group of humans who were gathering to travel back home. I am muched relieved that the survivors are still together, still traveling in groups and still quite paranoid. Nothing scares me more than a careless survivor, and I have seen my fair share of stupid moves in the past few days.

For all you survivors, I promise to bring back news and hopefully supplies from the outside world. Continue to do us proud! I promise to be back before the weekend is over. Do not let ANYTHING go to chance.

Stay Safe, Stay Human.


Loss of Another

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On my way up the hill with some survivors, we saw something disturbing:

A human passed a zombie on his way back home and failed to notice the zombie (the zombie’s body makes me assume it used to be a she). As a result, she was able to walk far too close to him and slaughtered the poor survivor.

That’s one more down.

Our numbers are slowly dwindling as more survivors make stupid mistakes and get infected or feasted on. Do not walk alone. Always watch your back. BE ALERT.

The number of zombies tripled yesterday. That MUST NOT happen today.


Start of Day Two in Hell

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Survival kit. Check.

Guns. Check.

Melee Weapon. Check.

Phone. Check.

It’s only been a day since the zombie infestation, but it feels like I’ve had to endure it for years.

Do NOT make any stupid mistakes today. We CAN outlive the zombies. WE CAN.